MESH Broadband

starting at $50/month

Stream whatever you want, when you want it with our high speed Internet service. Say goodbye to hidden fees and enjoy reliable, fast connectivity at a price you can afford.

No contracts

30-50 mbps connectivity speed

Network support and installation

More than 150 wireless access points and hotspots (and growing)

MESH Phone

$35/month per phone

Our phone service allows you to keep your existing number and is available anywhere in the U.S. Never pay high fees for phone service again

No contracts

Unlimited domestic calling

Voice mail transcription and email

MESH Alarm

starting at $35/month

Protect your home and the people you care about with our custom-tailored smart security solutions. Our security alarms and access control systems are available throughout Denver.

No contracts

Add remote arm/disarm for $5/month

Custom tailored services to meet your needs